End of an Era: Team Tulsa Volleyball Retires

Tulsa, OK – July 2016 — After 19 years as one of Tulsa’s most revered and respected girls volleyball program, Team Tulsa Volleyball announced today that the historic volleyball club is taking down its nets.  

As part of the announcement, Team Tulsa says it has officially ended all club activities.  Coach at Large and long-time coach within the program, Janet Cairns, called it an end of an era, but said she couldn’t be prouder of the club’s legacy.      

“I believe we’ve done what we set out to achieve and more. So, many lives, such great success,” said Cairns. “I can’t express enough how grateful I am to the dedicated people who’ve given so much over the years. It’s been both a rewarding and life-changing experience that I will never forget.”

Dedicated to advancing the sport of volleyball for young women in northeastern Oklahoma, Team Tulsa Volleyball was founded in 1997, and became a home to many of the area’s most competitive junior Olympic teams for girls under the age of 18. The club was known region-wide for an outstanding and competitive program that gave girls, ages 11 to 18, the opportunity to compete in local, regional and national tournaments.  The club also showcased  a youth program that was specifically designed to introduce volleyball to 2nd through 4th grade girls.

Team Tulsa was hugely successful throughout the years, spawning talented high school and collegiate players, as well as skilled, experienced coaches.  

Brent Reed, current President of Team Tulsa Volleyball, credits the club’s success to involved parents and coaches who served with a sacrificial heart and willingness to impact the lives of others.

“The dedication of caring people made us what we are today,” said Reed. “So much sacrifice and loyalty went into the program, year after year. It has been a rich and fulfilling journey for all of us in getting the opportunity to share the sport of volleyball with so many amazing families. No question, the dream of Team Tulsa will live on.”

Jenny Pearson, coach and Director of Coaches, said she couldn’t agree more. “It’s really about the hard work of those who love the sport of volleyball .  I have appreciated working with dedicated coaches who worked hard in making our young volleyball players both better skilled in the sport and better personally. I am proud to have been a part of the Team Tulsa organization and the work it’s done. It’s something I will truly miss.”  

Board Member, Darryl Perkins said, “As someone who began in this club many, many years ago as parent, then coach, and past president, I am thankful for the wonderful relationships that our family gained through the experiences with Team Tulsa Volleyball.  I am glad to have been a part of the organization and appreciate the efforts of previous board members and volleyball enthusiasts that have contributed over years.”

A Note from the Team Tulsa Board: On behalf of the current board, we would truly like to thank each and every contributor from the previous board members to coaches and supporting parents.  Team Tulsa would not have been successful without you.  Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this effort over the past nineteen years.

Area club tryouts begin around the end of September.  We encourage players interested in playing for a team this fall to check other club websites and the tryout event list on OkRVA (okrva.com) for specific tryout dates.